Scatter Brain Circus

Wild at heart.
Cali Livin.  MUA. The Bay is my home.

Mi Vida Loca

Folsom street fair

Leather, studs, and lots of wieners.
Wasn’t really how I pictured my Sunday afternoon.

I am

Sooooo sleepy!!!

Homeless man

Don’t ever let anyone swagger jack you.

I peed in the men’s bathrroom

And upset way toooo many people tonight. Almost got kicked out of sonar and then lost my Bart card. Whatevessssss lol😏 Hahahaha I have work in 6 hrs.

I might have gotten my friends kicked out a bar for peeing with boys…


Back on the grind

It’s the fucking weekend
Oakland night life


I’ll be looking at the moon, but I’ll be seeing you.

I hope you find yourself.

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